About Us

Why Read2Peak?

We facilitate the medium to bridge the gap between the latest learning concepts and the education system. Which eventually lead an individual to a brighter path in his career and overall life.

We enlight individuals, the importance of education and literacy, and empower them to enroll himself using his talent, skills, and knowledge in making better Humanity.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to reduce the devastating and lifelong consequence of illiteracy globally; improve the quality of education along with individual well-being.”

Our Mission

“Our mission is to reach out at least 1000 students a year and to make them aware of new learning and reading concepts, which they can adopt to enhance their career and life.”

Our Methodology



Video & motion graphics is one of the most attentive mode of learning, where more than one senses are active.


Voiceover, Audable, speech explainations can save time to read long materials and theories.


Blogs are online articles about information and concept explanation from real world scenarios.


Mind-Mapping is the most efficient way to remember anything in most organized manner.


Flashcards are used to memorize vocabulary, formulas via a question-and-answer format.


Examples with audio visual aid can make sense to build logical sense of concepts and its application.

Our Approach

Learning by doing is the best approach to learn new things. Our instructors had developed various activities for our students to give the best experience in learning anything new. Mind Mapping, Notes Taking, Mnemonics, Quiz, Puzzles, etc. are some of the coaching methods.


Hands on Research

Many online-based learning methods just provide you theoretical experience. We help our students to learn things with Hands-on Experience.​

Dedicated to Your Success

Our motive is not to just finish the syllabus and end the relationship. We thrive to dedicate our time to build a unique relationship between students and educators.​

Classic Experience

Our instructors are well trained to teach you in a way you understand more. This improves your understanding of concepts and hence opens your Mind.​
With the "Your Reading Strategies" course, I could complete reading many market updates and analysis which helps my business to grow stronger and make a better decision.
John Doe CEO
In my profession of Medical, I have to go through tons of books with a large number of pages. With the help of "Your Reading Strategy" I can now efficiently organize my reading with long retention.
Richard Jonson Medical Student
As a journalist, I have to read many articles and news stories every day. After completing the course of "Your Reading Strategies" my reading speed improved dramatically and I can cover a lot more in less time.
Emily Watsom Business Women