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“Make Me Master” is a comprehensive program of 12 Sessions where we will be helping you to become master in reading techniques. We will keep track of your progress and help you to form new reading, comprehension and memorizing habits.

12 In-Depth Session Covers

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Note: Personal Coach & Group session price differ from Online publish price. The online publish price is only for Virtual Instructor Led Training + LMS.



4.8 2 Reviews


by Peter Smith October 10, 2020

I just took a phenomenal course. It contains all I was looking for – clear strategies, step-by-step systems, various examples and complete assistance. The capacity to focus increased from 4 minutes to 35 minutes of uninterrupted flow.

by Jamie Oliver October 10, 2020

Simply amazing! Really it helps when you are given knowledge of ‘how to?’. I am so happy to learn about how to learn from this course. One of the best courses on personal development on ReadToPeak. Thank you so much!