If you are indulged in reading for long hours then these postures might help you to not get stressed by your body posture and read efficiently. Maintaining a good posture can make reading a lot more fluid, effortless and comfortable. The ideal posture should stimulate your focus and concentration, combined with our reading techniques, can reinforce the performance of your eyes in order to achieve the best results.

5 Postures for Reading Efficiently.

Leg Height

The way you sit in your chair while reading your book is more important than most people think. Your legs need to be placed correctly so that the blood circulation in your legs is not disrupted. Be mindful so that the edge of your chair does not cut off the blood supply to your legs, and place your thighs parallel to the floor with your feet support comfortably against the floor.

Your Feet

Seating yourself in a relaxing posture is easier when your feet have a platform to lift up. Providing your feet with cushion gives your legs more height and keeps your blood circulation efficient. The position of your feet and legs determine how relaxed you feel, and this will also stimulate your concentration when you are reading.

Straight Back

Supporting your back is pertinent in maintaining your reading speed. Hunching forward can easily result in neck and back pain, especially if you’ve been repeating this bad habit over a long period of time. Keeping your back straight will improve your focus and concentration, and prevent you from being easily distracted.

Neutral Spine

Sit up straight with your neck even with your shoulders and your chin tucked down. The tailbone of your lower back should be comfortably placed against the back of your chair. If you find it difficult or uncomfortable to maintain a neutral spine, you can improve your body positioning by frequently stretching your neck, shoulders, back, and hips. It’s all connected!

Eye Contact

Instead of slouching forward and bringing your head closer to the book, bring the book closer to the eyes. This will help keep your neck straight and your spine neutral – from the tail bone up through the neck. Your elbows can be supported with pillows or some other type of cushioning to keep yourself comfortable while reading for an extended period of time.