Naptimes are something we resist our entire childhood, but then guiltily crave for the rest of our lives. Studies show that naps not only can improve your health but also could make you better at everything you do. But it’s important for you to know the different types of naps and how you should actually get the shuteye you want.

The Power Nap

10-20 mins – Best for getting straight back to work.

The NASA Nap

26 mins – Proven by scientists to improve pilot performance 34% and alertness by 54%, best for a day you’ll be working after-hours.

The Bad Nap

30 mins – Causes “sleep inertia” (a sleep hangover) for up to 30 minutes before restorative benefits kick in, best to avoid, if possible.

The Slow-Wave Sleep Nap

60 mins – Helps cognitive memory processing, remembering places, faces and facts, best before a big presentation or important meeting.

The Full Sleep Cycle Map

90 mins – Helps creativity, emotional memory, and procedural memory, best before an impending project deadline or a big test.

Power Nap in a Snap!

  • Set an alarm – Limit naps between 10-26 minutes and avoid dozing off for 30 minutes.
  • No distractions – Set your phone on silent.
  • Schedule time – Napping between 1-4 pm is ideal.
  • The right way – To avoid falling into a deep sleep, it’s best to sit slightly upright.
  • Not guilty – Taking a power nap does not make you lazy, it can improve both your mental and physical health.